Matador Pizza & Steakhouse has been an incredible family owned restaurant in NW Calgary for the past 40 years. We recently launched a brand new website at, helping Matador to further serve the great people of Calgary.

Creating a new website was just one way that Matador believed they could make it easier to connect with their customers by not only improving how simple it is to get in contact for take-out, delivery, or making reservations, but to create a place where they could showcase everything that is going on so no one misses a thing. Matador hopes that this new website will aid them in getting even more engaged with their customers and community and make it easier to get their food to you and to connect in even more ways than before.

The new website will make it easier to: access delivery services, get connected on social media, find out what is new and upcoming, access daily special updates, and follow the new blog! We hope that in doing this it will only make their connection with the communities within northwest Calgary that much stronger and will keep them happily serving up the best pizza for another 40 years.